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Buy Handmade Armadillo Rugs in Perth In addition to stylish sofas, lounge chairs and contemporary wooden furniture, our Nedlands furniture store also features beautiful handmade rugs from Armadillo. This innovative company creates stunning, contemporary designs – but that’s only one of many reasons that we’re proud to feature Armadillo in Perth. As you’ll see, it’s their ethics and integrity that really set this designer apart.Sustainable, Handmade Rugs by Armadillo. Armadillo is a young and ambitious company with a strong vision for how artisanship and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Their rugs are handmade in India by local artisans. Each is a product of passion created with sustainability and the environment in mind. Every rug in the Armadillo collection is made from one (or more) of the following fibres: Cotton JuteWoolPepThe latter is actually a postconsumer product made from recycled plastic, which is extruded into synthetic fibres that are perfect for indoor/outdoor rugs. When you purchase an Armadillo rug, you’re doing your part to keep an artisan tradition alive. International demand for these fine products encourages younger generations to continue learning this trade from their elders. In a world where high-quality handmade products are increasingly difficult to come by, every purchase really does make a difference. But there’s more to it than simply keeping an art form alive. Armadillo are champions of fair trade practices. Not only does your purchase help to bolster an industry and create fair-wage jobs for artisans in India, it supports education in artisans’ villages – contributing to a brighter future for their children. Webbers: Furniture with IntegrityWe believe that the Armadillo ethos is a perfect fit for the Webber Furniture collection. When we first opened our doors back in 1967, we were firm believers in the importance of working locally. While other furniture sellers were moving their production facilities overseas, we continued working with local craftsmen whenever possible. We also had a preference for local, sustainably harvested hardwoods. Our founders, Eric and Ivy Webber, understood that sourcing our products locally was both good for the WA economy and in ensuring that our furniture met the highest standards in quality and design. It’s why we have the finest collection of designer furniture in Perth. These values continue to guide our selection process in curating our collection of furniture. Over the years, we’ve carefully and selectively added a few international brands to the collection – but only when they meet our strict criteria concerning sustainability, fair trade and elegant design. In that sense, we at Webber Furniture recognise our role as WA residents as well as global citizens. Handmade Rugs of the Highest QualityAs you can probably tell, we’re thrilled to be able to offer such an innovative and ethical product in our Perth furniture store. We welcome you to browse our selection of Armadillo rugs in Australia right here on our website. But it’s worth mentioning that you really have to see these rugs up close to appreciate their artisanship. Each rug really is a work of art. You can see and feel the difference when natural fibres are woven together by hand. Once you purchase one, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for synthetic, factory-processed rugs in the first place. And if you’d like to see how the rug looks in your home, you’re welcome to take it back with you for a look before you actually place your order.  In fact, we even encourage customers to take a rug home to see how it looks in the room where they’re going to place it before they actually place an order. That’s how confident we are that you’ll fall in love with these rugs. If you have time, stop by Webbers showroom so that we can introduce you to Armadillo in Perth. And please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.  

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